Worship Ministries

If you are interested in serving on one of our Worship Ministries please let us know

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Acolytes are open to boys and girls 10 years and up. Acolytes are trained and prepared to assist at the altar in all regular and special services. Supervised by Nancy Dymond.
Mission & Purpose Our mission and purpose is multi-fold.  Acolytes lead the processions and recessions at all services.  We are responsible for lighting and extinguishing the candles on the free standing and high altars. We assist our rector (as well as guest clergy) and deacon in the sanctuary during the offertory and at communion.
Highlights:  The acolyte teams consist of person’s age 11 years old and up.  Your acolytes served at regular and special worship services, Evensong, Advent and Holy Week with commitment and grace.
Objectives Met:  We added to our ranks and have continued with training.
Ministry Hopes:  This year we welcome Jackson Stern onto the acolyte team.  We now have 3 teams that serve each Sunday of the month (Team 1 does the first Sunday of the month, etc.).  10 am team leaders are veterans Rachel Miller-Treat, Adam Miller-Treat, John Connors, and Anna Nangle. Our hope is to add people to the 8 am roster.  Acolyte training will continue on a regular basis during the year with the goal of each acolyte learning and becoming confident in handling all of the acolyte duties.

Altar Guild

Altar Guild Members prepare the altar for all services and care for the altar appointments. Members are appointed and trained by the Rector.
Membership: Patty Hamilton, Pat Sprague, Lorraine Schinck, Cindy Oakes , Lois Bergmans, Nancy Henry, Lura Williams, Nancy Nicholson, Meredith Allbright, Kelly Sadosky, Angela Sadosky, Candice Schoth, Cindy Lufkin
Mission & Purpose: to prepare the necessary linens and vessels for the celebration of the Eucharist.
Highlights: We have continued to welcome new members
Objectives met: Candice Schoth has joined the Altar Guild we are glad to have her. We are in the process of replacing old fair linens.
Ministry Hopes: Continue to reach out to prospective new members. Continue to replace old fair linens.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers, licensed by our Bishop, serve at the Sunday and Wednesday Eucharists, administering the Chalice and leading the prayers of the people when the Deacon is absent.
Membership Lois Soule, Nancy Dymond, Cassy Palmer, Lorraine Schinck, Joe Wright
Mission & Purpose To assist on the altar during Eucharist on Sunday and at other services requiring licensed chalice bearers.  We all consider it a blessing to do the EM service as part of our own worship.
Highlights:  We have dedicated volunteers, some of whom have other duties such as reading the lessons. Our schedules can conflict which means reading and serving the chalice during the same service.
Objectives Met:  All services were covered even during significant weather challenges.
Ministry Hopes:  We will continue to fill the schedule as well as find volunteers for special services.  Perhaps find another licensed chalice bearer or train a new volunteer.


Lectors serve at the Sunday and Wednesday services by reading the lessons, and are coordinated by David Field.
Membership 8 am Service: David Field, Ross Moczo, Cynthia Oakes, Deborah Thompson, Edward Thompson, Howard La Rue. 10 am Service: Sarah Danser, Katharine Fodnaess, Jerry Lyden, Cassandra Palmer, Page Stevens, David Ulrich, Joe Wright, Eric Boberg, Jane White-Hassler, Tom White-Hassler.
Mission & Purpose To provide readers for the lessons at the regularly scheduled services on Sunday mornings, at the monthly Evensong services, and at special services during Holy Week and Christmas.  At the 10 am Sunday services, the lector also reads the Prayers of the People.  Lectors also provide refreshments for the Sunday coffee hours in regular rotation with other Parish groups.
Ministry Hopes Continue to serve the Parish according to our mission and purpose and to maintain a viable group of lectors.


Ushers assist on a rotating basis at weekly and special services throughout the year by handing out service bulletins, seating people, and helping to receive the offerings. Jim Blanchette coordinates this ministry.
Membership:  We currently have 23 parishioners who usher for Sunday services and special events.  This past year we had 1 new parishioner to be part of our committee.  (Thank you to all who serve the parish and community in this valuable ministry).
Mission & Purpose: Greet people as they arrive at our church, pass out bulletins, assist new or visiting people, take the offering, guide people to communion, and handle any issues that may arise during the service.
Highlights: Helped usher for special services such as Evensong, Holy Day Services and Funerals.
Objectives met:  To have ushers at all Sunday Services and special services.
Ministry Hopes:  Recruit new people, especially for the 8:00 service, to usher and keep all ushers informed of any changes to our procedures.  We will continue to serve and assist St. John’s parishioners and newcomers at all major services.

Altar Flowers

If you would like to sponsor altar flowers in memory of a loved one or in honor of  a special event, please locate the sign-up sheet in our Narthex or send us an email.

52 Sundays, 3 special (Easter, Christmas, Palm Sunday), 5 Lent, and 4 Advent.
Through September 30th  – 30 Sundays have been sponsored.  If the remaining 9 Sundays have sponsors, we’ll finish 2017 having 39 Sundays sponsored. Thanks to all who have supported this ministry in 2017.