David Ulrich

I have been a member of Saint John’s for about 5 years and have attended regularly for 7 years. For the last 2 years I’ve served as a Leader for JR YES. I am also a Lector and Eucharistic Visitor. This year I will complete the 4th year of EfM, which has brought me much in the way of spiritual growth and fellowship. I am excited about the opportunities for our Saint John’s community and I’m grateful to have a role to play.

I’m married to Phil Hickey, soon to be Phil Ulrich, as he changes his name in preparation for the adoption of our children, Dominic and Mark. We’re all excited to become a family and sharing the same last name is an important part of our commitment to each other. We live in Orrington where Dominic attends Center Drive School and is a member of the St Nicholas Choir. Phil is a stay-at-home Dad for Mark and he works part-time in the Nursery, volunteers in the Church Office and helps out on Second Saturday and the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen. I work as a Family Nurse Practitioner at PCHC’s Hope House Clinic where I’ve been privileged to provide medical care for Bangor’s homeless and underserved population for 7 years.