Susan B. Johnson, Vestry Member

I was received into the Episcopal Church in May 2019 by The Rt. Rev. Stephen Lane, the ninth Bishop of Maine.  I have been active in the church; currently serving on the Altar Guild, helping with yard clean up in the spring, the move from 234 French Street to the church, assisted with the yard sale, I have been a volunteer at 2nd Saturday and the meal at the Salvation Army.

I settled down to my current location in December 2015.  I could feel an emptiness in me and knew that God was calling me to find a church to attend.  My current husband, Paul, went with me as my journey began.  I knew from previous church experience what was important and what I needed to continue to grow in my faith.  First, the Eucharist and then the Liturgy, I wanted to combine my Protestant and Catholic faith.  The first time I came to St. John’s, in 2017, I was welcomed by the ushers and other members.   I came back a few more Sundays before committing myself to supporting the church. I knew this was the church that God wanted me to be a part of.

One of the issues that I see in the church going forward is how to reach out to the Bangor area as well as our community.  We should ask parishioners what they would like to see and about any needs that are currently going unmet.  One need that I see is helping our divorcing or divorced members feel like they are part of the community.  It is a lonely and difficult time to go through as you grieve the loss of a marriage.

I realize I have no experience with being a member of the Vestry.  I know that it takes a commitment of time and energy.  I will need to educate myself about the needs of the church and be part of a team.  I want to be of service and am honored to serve.