Adult Formation

Growing in Love of
God and Neighbor

In support of life-long Christian education and spiritual growth, St. John’s offers a variety of learning and formational opportunities. Additional details will be announced in the weekly Sunday bulletins. For more information, email or call the parish office (947-0156).

Sunday Series
11:45 am – 1 pm in the Chapel

  • Embracing the Prophets in Contemporary Culture, (video) with Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann.  October 8: Moses, Pharaoh, Prophets and Us; October 15The Prophets as Uncredentialed Purveyors of Covenant; October 22Moral Coherence in a World of Power, Money and Violence; November 5: The Shrill Rhetoric that Breaks Denial; November 12: The Grief of Loss as Divine Judgment; November 26: The Promissory Language that Breaks Despair.
  • The Theology of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
    Discover the deep theological ideas behind Dickens’ classic novel.  Discussion: December 3 & 10, with a showing of the film (Alastair Sim) on December 17.
  • SSJE in Lent – Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John: Beginning February 11, 2018 receive daily videos with reflections on passages from the Gospel of John and the First Letter of JohnWeekly group discussions: February 18 – March 25.Enroll at
  • Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy: Richard Rohr on the Legacy of St. Francis. A five-part dvd series inviting you to explore a Christian faith informed by contemplation, mysticism, compassion, justice, and centuries of rich, Christian history.  April 22: Atonement Theology; April 29: Eco-Spirituality; May 6: The Cosmic Christ; May 13: Orthodoxy vs Orthopraxy; May 20: Mysticism Over Moralism.

Quiet Evenings & Retreats

The December 19 & March 18 quiet times will include a shared meal of soup and bread in the undercroft.

  • December 19: Music of Thomas Tallis, 6:00 – 7:30 pm in the nave.
  • March 18: Lenten Quiet Time, led by Fr. John Van Sicklen, 4:00 – 6:30 in the chancel.
  • Road Trip Retreat: Parishioners will be invited to journey together to a place of quiet and reflection, and to seek spiritual growth in the midst of Maine’s natural beauty. Time and place – As announced.

Wednesday Series
1 pm in the Chapel

  • Book discussion: Crazy Christians: A Call to Follow Jesus, by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.  Bishop Curry offers an inspiring message of hope for what a reinvigorated discipleship as followers of Jesus Christ can mean for our individual lives and for the world.  Let Crazy Christians be your Invitation to join the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. October 18 – November 8.
  • The Theology of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. A repeat of the Sunday Series program.  Discussion: November 29.  Film showing on December 13.
  • The Screwtape Letters. C.S. Lewis’ satirical novel addresses Christian theological issues, primarily those dealing with temptation and resistance to it.  Audio, narrated by John Cleese.  January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7.  Bring your knitting or needlework.
  • The Sign and the Sacrifice: The Meaning of the Cross and Resurrection. Rowan Williams discusses what the events of the Passion of Christ meant to Jesus’ followers in the early years and what they can say to us today. Two Sessions : Sundays, February 18 – March 18 at 1 pm in the Oratory, led by Mo. Rita. Wednesdays, February 21 – March 21 at 1 pm in the Oratory, led by Pat Sprague.
  • Becoming a God-Send, an audio series with Fr. Martin Smith. To be told one is “a godsend” by someone is a beautiful affirmation, yet this intriguing word is rarely explored for its depth of meaning. Come, listen, and learn how our Christian mission is more than a matter of tasks to fulfill, but is also about who we are becoming. May 2, 9, 16, & 23.  Bring your knitting or needlework.

Living Liturgy
11:30 am in the Chapel

  1. Liturgy of the Word : Invitation to the Table
    September 24, Patricia Sprague
  2. The Offertory in the Liturgy
    November 19, Mo. Rita Steadman
  3. The Meaning of the Liturgy: Eucharistic Prayer
    February 4, Tim Pearson
  4. Liturgy in Transition
    April 15, Mo. Jane White-Hassler

Small Group Study

  • Topics in Theology, Anglicanism, and other areas of interest – As announced.
  • Scripture Study in Small GroupsAs announced.

Sunday Scripture
Coffee Klatch

  • “Dwelling in The Word” At Coffee Hour. An opportunity to reflect on Sunday’s Gospel with fellow parishioners at coffee hour. As announced.

Potluck & Presentations

  • This is an opportunity for parishioners to share with their faith community a special interest, a ministry, or a meaningful experience, such as a trip, retreat, or mission work. Location: Bangor Room, unless otherwise announced. Topics, dates, and times – As announced.

Education For Ministry
Wednesday, 6 pm in the Library

  • Four year program studying scripture, Christian history, theology, ethics, and inter-faith relations.
  • Classes run September – May. Enrollment opens in June.

Praxis Groups

  • Contemplative Prayer, Fridays at 6 pm in the Oratory.
  • Exploring Spiritual Disciplines Series – As announced.
    • Lectio Divina
    • Chanting The Psalms
    • Ignation Meditation
    • Contemplative Prayer
    • Praying with Beads
    • Praying with Icons

Event Locations

Chapel – 225 French Street, Bangor – to the right of the church

Oratory – 234 French Street, Bangor – inside the church office

Bangor Room – 234 French Street, Bangor – inside the church office

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